Technical Specification



Supplying and fixing sliding, folding partition (Movable Wall) of "ENVIRO PARTITION" make Solid 100K or equivalent approved make shall consists of following features:

1) Sound insulation from R'w 40 dB to R'w 51 dB equivalent to STC 53 dB.
2) Interlocking male / female trapezoidal vertical aluminium profiles, for soundproof connection between elements.
3) To ensure additional friction connection, shall be integrated with magnetic strip.
4) Spring load retractable sound seal at the top and bottom element.
5) Face panel hung in acoustic free suspension, for improved sound insulation, easy redecoration of surface panels. Edges shall be protected with Aluminium profiles.
6) Easy element adjustment after installation.
7) Track system shall be Extruded aluminium, maintenance free with heavy-duty ball bearing steel rollers.
8) Surface panel shall be of 12mm MDF with acoustic treatment to the required level.
9) Consists of required full wall elements and telescopic elements with 2-point suspension system with steel-roller, extruded aluminium track.

Rate shall be inclusive of Girder support, Steel Work covered with (SONIC BARRIER - BAFFLE) double skin 12.5mm thk Gypsum board to suspend the system and the partition shall be insulated with mineral wool to achieve sound rating of min. 44 dB STC. The Steel frame work should be properly fixed/ anchored in RCC Slabs/columns to achieve required level rigidness. Rate shall include all levies, taxes including ESIC, PF and WCT. (Extra cost will not be applicable)